Let's make some new waves while enjoying your journey to SoloPT Entrepreneur status together!!

We will work to take your current one-person show and turn it into a sellout concert (...in less than 90 days)!!

***UPDATED: The SoloPT Entrepreneur Consulting Program is limited spots are available since this is a hybrid program that includes not only 1-on-1 specialized problem-solving catered to you and your business along with additional online pieces of training to help you implement change quickly and without all the technology overwhelm. The number of spots is limited to ensure you have my full attention to achieve your desired results...FAST, so you can be free of time to spend more time with your family or doing the things you love outside of the business.

(NOTE: this program is different from other group mastermind programs or online courses because I am working with you individually to get results and help you attain your goals!! We do have group components to support you along the way but do not apply if you are not seeking 1-on-1 customized consulting for your solo PT business to help you get out of working in the practice and begin to fully focus on building a business, what would that mean for your overloaded schedule, financial outlook, your family?)

Passionate solo physical therapists, like yourself, have been reaching out to me regarding how much it would cost for me to work with you to help you get new patients in the door, multiply your personal income, systemize your physical therapy marketing and see your way to massive success with your practice.

I have used these exact systems and strategies to help me grow my mobile in-home physical therapy practice from 1 (myself) to many employees including adding other disciplines (fitness/wellness business, occupational therapy, etc.) to my practice to help generate more revenue and time freedom for me being the solo PT practice business owner aka SoloPT entrepreneur!

This new opportunity is for physical therapists looking to get out of working inside of the business and working on the business. Someone not looking to take more courses or spend lots of money to only find themselves lost and frustrated with all the technology that some teach is needed to be successful.

WARNING: this custom SoloPT Entrepreneur Consulting Program is NOT for everyone. This is only for ambitious action takers only who are ready to apply the proven systems and implement the profit-boosting strategies to take your business to massive success. Space is limited because I will be working with you directly and I want to ensure you get results.

The goal of the SoloPT Entrepreneur Consulting Program would be to simply teach you how to grow and scale your business quickly and give you the resources, wisdom, and action steps you need to make massive profits from your physical therapy business so that you can build a competition proof lifestyle business.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, click the button below and apply for your Free SoloPT Strategy & Scale Session.

Here's How It Works:

1. Fill out and complete the application below.

2. Your application will be received by our SoloPT Scale Specialist aka yours truly and my team :-)

3. If your application shows that you are ready to join, I will reach out to schedule a 30-minute call for you to find out more details about your business and confirm that you would be a good fit for the consulting program.

4. If everything checks out, and this consulting program is the best next step in your journey, we will proceed with getting started.

5. You will a confirmation email from us along with all of the details of how to access our premium SoloPT members-only platform with additional resources and content only shared with my VIP SoloPT Entrepreneur Consulting members.

6. Last but not least, start to enjoy having more time in the day to spend with your family and more $$$ in the bank account :-)

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"When it comes to taking action and making new waves be okay with being perfectly imperfect."

-Preston Brown